Getting to Emerald Island


When you pick up your car at the airport, remember these things:

  • Pick up a map on your arrival (usually given one on collection of car from the hire company).
  • Familiarise yourself with your vehicle, which will usually have an automatic gearbox.
  • Tuck your left leg back towards your seat and away from the pedals if you are not used to driving automatics.
  • Make sure you have change for toll roads (at tolls, use green lane marked “change & receipts”).
  • Overtaking is allowed on the nearside or offside.
  • Road signs are different to the UK (situated at the junction, not before it).
  • Speed limit on Interstate is 70 mph.
  • Otherwise the speed limit will be sign posted.

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  • Take the South exit. 417 Toll road. Sign says 'Kissimmee Disney 417 Toll'. Keep to your right hand lane at all times.
  • Next sign 'South 417 Walt Disney World'.
  • Turn right before the lights. You are now going south on the 417 toll road. You will need approx $4.50 for tolls.
  • On the 417 keep going straight on.
  • Do not leave until you reach exit 2, which is 'Celebration Ave 192'.
  • Through the toll, pay 50 cents. Get into far right hand lane, which is for '192 East/West'.
  • Onto Celebration Ave, take middle lane for '192' then move to left lane.
  • Take '192 West' at lights.
  • Keep following the signs for '192 West'. You will see marker posts every mile on the side of the road.
  • After marker 5 turn left at the lights onto Formosa Gardens Blvd.
  • Go straight on until you reach a 4 way stop sign, turn right onto Funnie Steed Road and follow the road until you come to the Emerald Island entrance.
  • Turn left to the gate house, and after half a mile you will reach the gate house.
  • First right at dolphins then first right and first left on to Lido Key Drive.